My Thoughts on the Sokal article.

I thought this article was quite engaging at points but it was way too wordy as well. In the beginning, my first gut instinct was, “oh here we go!” The author does a good job of informing the reader, but from what we have discussed in class, a research topic should be focused. I felt like Sokal went in a lot of different directions, and in the end I was not convinced of an argument he was trying to prove. There were entirely too many quotes in my opinion. Basically, the article was based on what “he or she” said and not off of Sokal’s thoughts. Overall this article helped me learn two things. First, how I should not go about writing a research paper. There needs to be more clarity in what the writer is trying to get across. Secondly, I felt like Sokal did a good job of using footnotes, but he used too many in some ways. I just thought that he did a good job of elaborating using footnotes for further discussion and explanation.


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